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    • Aussie Business Storage

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      Aussie Business Storage is safe and secure and very cost effective. We have several London sites offering both business and domestic storage.

  • Aussie Office Moves London

    Over the years many of  our home moving customers have  asked us subsequently to move their businesses and in 2003 we opened Aussie Office  migrating our “Can Do” ethos into the office moving market and providing our customers with a service they can rely upon and indeed we are proud to provide.

    We are happy operating during antisocial hours at weekends and during the night ensuring your business does not suffer any disruption or loss of trade.
    We are able to provide all the usual packing materials as well as office moving crates often preferred to cardboard boxes during office removals.  We can provide any size of vehicle required from a small box van to an 18 ton air ride suspension lorry.

    We dedicate a project manager to each move who will agree a detailed plan of the operation with you to ensure all your equipment, records and office furniture are carefully packed and correctly placed within your nominated time frame. We understand how important these goals are to your business.

    Computers and supporting operating infrastructure are key to any business today and we are comfortable handling the fragile products and reassembling them at their destination. Normally in-house IT support teams take responsibility for moving key items like servers which is often a sensible approach. However if you do need help in this area our tech team headed by Simon Knight can help throughout the move.

    Naturally you are going to know how much moving your office will cost and we can charge this out either on an hourly rate or by a fixed quotation which will require one of Office Moves project managers to visit you on site.  So please get in touch either by phone or email and we can take it from there.

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