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With Aussie Office Moves, we bring you the years of experience and expertise that we've accrued throughout our successful history.

With Aussie Office Moves, we bring you the years of experience and expertise that we’ve accrued throughout our successful history. What sets us apart from the competition? We listen. Every move we undertake is based on a thorough and diligent assessment of how your business works and how we can move you while minimising the impact of the move. Office furniture, work stations, IT, equipment, files and documents – it is our pledge to you that all these and more will reach your new premises in exactly the same state that they left, allowing your business to function at full speed from day one.

No job too big…or too small

Our in-house project managers oversee and manage business relocations of all shapes and sizes, encompassing everything from small businesses to blue chip corporations.  We operate all sizes of vehicles specifically designed to move more challenging items such safes and large printers. Our men are experienced in using stair climbers and other sophisticated equipment often used during commercial relocations.

Project Manager
For every move, we assign you a Project Manager. Not just anyone, but the right person for your move. This means you have just one point of contact and therefore no confusion, no error, no mess-ups. We have all experienced the frustration of having more than one point of contact for a job. The inevitable always happens – the different parties fail to communicate with one another, wires get crossed, crucial details get omitted, and the frustrated client is left to pick up the pieces. At Aussie Office Moves, our Personal MoveThe Project Managers ensures our customers never end up in that situation.

Anytime, Anywhere Moves
We can move you overnight or at weekends, thereby ensuring that your business doesn’t face an unnecessary disruption. You can leave one fully-functioning office on Friday evening and arrive at another fully-functioning one on Monday morning, as though nothing has changed, everything in place and working the way you want it to work.. Aussie does not just operate in the London area, but all around the UK and into Europe and beyond if required. Aussies love going on walkabout.

Our team remains available to you in the days and weeks following your move. We’re at hand and on the phone to guide you through any problems and changes, and any requirements regarding furniture, IT, and workstations. Whether you need repairs or further refurbishment, waste and recycling, long or short-term storage and file/document management, Aussie Office Moves is there for you. And we do it all while keeping focussed on the most important thing – the continuity and efficiency of your business.

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